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Thread: Using AudioStream::allocate() from AudioControl objects

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    Using AudioStream::allocate() from AudioControl objects


    I'm working on an ethernet transport layer for the audio library - I have the basics working: input, output and control objects on T3.6 and T4.0 using Wiznet5500 modules. So far, I have tested transmitting synth'd sine waves over ethernet and playing them at the other end.

    Because of the shared nature of the ethernet (control) layer, it makes more sense to queue incoming and outgoing audio blocks at that (AudioControl) layer rather than in the input and output (AudioStream) objects.

    I'd love to use the audio buffer pool, i.e. allocate(), but it's only available to AudioStream objects. Is there a way around the limitation? I've been scratching my C++ head and haven't come up with a solution.

    I'm considering creating a "dummy" AudioStream object alongside the ethernet AudioControl object and leveraging that for buffers.

    If not, I'll just use static local buffers - but that's not quite as elegant.

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