Hi all.

So, working on a project using T3.2 that uses both the AudioPlaySdWav class from the Audio library and an nRF24L01+ module. Iím having problems with the code hanging and my conjecture is thatís itís due to contention for the (single T3.2) SPI bus needed to access both the MicroSD card (on Audio board) and the nRF24L01+. This is probably exacerbated by the fact that the MicroSD is accessed over the SPI during interrupts, meaning it could clobber an ongoing nRF24L01+ transaction.

Anyway, I figured Iíd switch to a T3.6 first to hopefully solve this problem but also because Iíve never used one before. So, if I play Audio from the T3.6ís built-in MicroSD, does that leave all 3 of itís SPI ports available for other uses? Also, whatís the significance that only 1 of these 3 SPIs has a FIFO?

Finally, it looks like T3.6 pins GND-throught-12 (one edge of board) and Vin-thourgh-13 (other edge) are identical to the same pins on T3.2. So, thatís where the Audio board connects, correct?