Hi Paul.

Is there any date when USB MIDI arrives for Teensy 4.0? Even a Beta would be better than how it is now.

I am really stuck at a point in my project, where USB MIDI is needed.
Up to now I use a 32u4 as SPI slave USB co-processor, but that is really a disgrace.

I've already tried to hack RAWHID as MIDI, but for some reason it does not work longer than a few seconds. Looks like some overrun/congestion lockup.
Trying to program USB MIDI from scrtch interferes with the Teensyduino "Blackbox", so it does not always compile in Teensyduino and if it does, it runs for an unpredictable legth of time until Teensy 4.0 locks up completely. So that is not a viable option.