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Thread: how can I use AudioEffectEnvelope::isActive ??

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    how can I use AudioEffectEnvelope::isActive ??

    I have an array of envelopes, and I want to look through them to find one that is not active. Below is the snippet.
    The error I am getting is
    "cannot convert 'AudioEffectEnvelope::isActive' from type 'bool (AudioEffectEnvelope:()' to type 'bool'"

    How do I use the isActive value in a conditional? Actually the opposite of isActive?

    AudioEffectEnvelope      envelope[7];
      int i_return; 
      for (int i = 0; i <= 6; i++) {  // look at each envelope
        if ( ! envelope[i].isActive  ) {  // see if it is active
         i_return = i;
        break; // no reason to keep looping
      } // for loop

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    figured it out, I was missing the parenthesis
     if ( ! envelope[i].isActive()  )

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