Good morning

I order a Teensy 3.5 a few months ago and finally got around to using it. I followed the installation manual to the letter and the Teensy loader application does not recognize my board, even when I press the button on the T3.5.

The pre-loaded Blink program runs when I plug the board into USB (or power from 3.3v power supply). In Arduino, I try to upload a simple Hello World or Blink progam, wait a few seconds, then press the button on the T3.5. Blinking LED goes out and nothing else happens - the board is not recognized.

I've swapped through four different USB cables, all known to be data-capable (one of which is brand new). I've performed combinations of reinstalling Arduino, rebooting and even removing the battery from my computer and repeating process again. Same result.

Board is from PJRC straight out of the package. I soldered header pins to the board and was careful not to overheat any part of the board.

Teensy 3.5
Arduino 1.8.10
Teensyduino 1.48
Windows 10 (1803 Build 17134.1040)
Screenshot attached of Arduino settings
Picture attached of soldering

Could there be an issue with this board? Any recommendations?

Thanks for the help.


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