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Thread: Canbus for iaw5am iaw 59am ducati monster

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    Canbus for iaw5am iaw 59am ducati monster

    hi all,

    Neewby in coding with teensy, i read some posts about mrCanbus on how to decode her ducati multistrada.

    My project is different because ecu is iaw5am or iaw59am but operation are similar. i've changed myd dashboard. Oem dashboard have just an error lamp on the screen which indicates EOBD error but without any messages. I want to use a teensy 3.5 ( CANBUS native, and a lcd screen) to show error message. I've succeeded to have the speficition about ecu but i doesn't undestand how to implement it .

    A lot of sotware use the initialization about kw2000. But i want to use can H and Can L wire to access to the error codes.

    In the specification about Fiat marelli, we can read this example

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But we have no examples on how to make that ? Does anybody can explain me ? thank's

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    I'm not a canbus expert, but I have some advice.

    The way to think about canbus is that it's very similar to ethernet. Ethernet is a transport, and to do anything useful with it, you have to know the protocol that is being used. So, you'll need to form a packet that tells the ECU which piece of information you want to be sent. And then, you'll have to know how to get that information out of the response packet.

    Here's an example project that might help: and the corresponding hardware for it:

    The magic happens in this file: Starting on line 25, the message is stuffed with the correct values, and then sent. Then starting on line 49, the response is unpacked and used.

    Now - I can't tell based on the images that you posted if your ECU is using a similar protocol. As I said I'm not a canbus expert so I don't know if there are industry standards for this stuff, so maybe the project that I linked to will just work straight away on your ECU. But anyway, hopefully that gives you an idea of how to proceed.

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