I'm more of a musician and a designer than a software or electrical engineer, but I can muddle my way through circuits and code well enough to make prototypes.

I'm working on a musical instrument that uses an array of lidar sensors as input. I've done some research and shopping and decided on the Benewake TF MINI Plus. I've managed to run someone's test code for an older version of this Lidar unit and verify that these sensors will work well for my design (good range of detection, good readings from hands/arms, little crosstalk from fairly adjacent sensors).

These devices can communicate by both UART and i2C depending on how they are set up. My next challenge is to address an array of about 10 of these sensors, either using a single Teensy with i2C, or two Teensys with UART (I would need two Teensy 3.6s to get enough UART buses for each sensor). I have little experience writing code, and very little experience with these communication protocols. I'm interested in the shortest path to a rock solid functioning sensor array.

Can anyone suggest which of these protocols might be easier for me to implement? Can you link me to any tutorials or other learning resources which would help a n00b quickly learn how to properly implement i2C or UART in this project?