I'm trying to get a Teensy LC to receive DMX using the TeensyDMX library (and testing with TeensyDmx as well), but I'm stuck. I could've sword I've gotten it to work before, but now I just for the life of me can't get it to receive.

I'm using a Maxim 3.3V transceiver. I'm getting the LC to send DMX, but not receive it. (I've wired DE/_RE to a Teensy pin).

I know the hardware is OK; I've checked the output of the transceiver on the scope, and it seems fine. I have even connected the transceiver TTL output to an Arduino Leonardo, which happily accepts the signal as valid DMX using a different library.

In my initial testing the LC would appear to freeze (serial output would stop abruptly) when connected to a valid DMX source. After some messing around with updating Teensyduino and the libraries, it seems that it doesn't freeze anymore, but it fails to decode the DMX signal.

Both the libraries are advertised as compatible with the LC, so I'm a bit at loss as to why this isn't working. Any clues?