I had posted this in another person's thread but thought that was the wrong move so here I go. I am a beginner that is new to Teensy and microcontrolers in general and I feel I might have made a mistake getting the Teensy 4.0 immediately because I am lost in the mix. I thought the chip would have a DAC which I also just learned about anyway. I joined the forum and bought the teensy 4.0 because I wanted to make an analog/Digital hybrid synthesizer. So please I have a couple of questions on the digital side because I have figured some of the analog systems so far.
My questions are:

First, what true analog DAC would you recommend is best to use with a Teensy 4.0 and an analog synth circuit

Second, please I am trying to have control of the analog synth through the teensy, however, I still do not fully understand the whole keyboard scanning system and midi to CV conversion business yet. I don't intend to use a "True scanned keyboard" I will just opt to use a midi keyboard such as the Arturia. So my question is if I am to design a circuit and I want to connect the Arturia from its USB to the analog circuit as a CV source for the modules, do I use the Teensy to build the control system or do I have to design a din pin for the analog circuit. Thank you and sorry for the long winded question, I just feel overwhelmed and defeated for choosing the 4.0 and not checking the earlioer versions first.