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Thread: MicroDexed Teensy 4

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    MicroDexed Teensy 4

    Just got finished wiring. Works great.

    Thanks, Holger!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for showing! The "dev" branch supports already T_4.0. But it will take some time to finish all the changes for the new version (including dual/split mode for the T_4.0).

    Regards, Holger

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    I made a slight effort to build the dev code, but there's some kind of conflict or dependency, I'll try to figure it out tomorrow.

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    Latest update...

    My first attempt at MicroDexed with T4 (using PT8211) worked great, except for occasional glitches in the audio, which I suspect were caused by my sloppy wiring between T4 and PT8211; there are warnings about avoiding wires for this...

    So, I decided to rebuild, using a Teensy Audio Board mounted directly atop the T4. (Yes, I got the Rev.D).
    Changed config.h to use Teensy Audio, got it working using USB MIDI.

    Latency is much worse, unplayable.

    In the MicroDexed code (config.h):
    // ATTENTION! For better latency you have to redefine AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES from
    // 128 to 64 in <ARDUINO-IDE-DIR>/cores/teensy3/AudioStream.h

    Note: I didn't do that using PT8211, and latency was acceptable (using DIN MIDI or USB MIDI).

    Now I've got a T4 with Teensy Audio Board irrevocably attached, that I really don't like.

    Holger, do you see a latency difference between Teensy Audio Board and PT8211?

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