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Thread: Teensy 3.6

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    Teensy 3.6

    Can the pin's on a Teensy 3.6 handle 5VDC?

    I'm trying to count interupt's and I noticed it counts spot on at 5V but drops pulses when on 3.3V

    Edit - i found it out it cant. but any idea why I'm seeing a drop in pulses.

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    If 5V was applied to any T_3.6 pin but VIN, it is likely no longer functioning properly.

    The higher speed and added functionality of the T_3.6 MCU as manufactured and supplied to PJRC precluded 5V tolerance, that is why the T_3.5 was created using the lower speed MCU chip that provides 5V tolerance on digital capable pins.

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    As @defragster mentioned, +5v and T3.6 don't get along very well...

    Hard to say why your +5v signal gets all of the pulses, but the 3.3v signal does not. You might need to see your actual signals to see what the actual signals are... Like maybe whatever is generating the signals is screwing up.

    Or maybe the signals are only going up to some percentage of the voltage you think it is, and maybe it peaks right at the level that T3.6 sees, but some not quite high enough...

    Again always hard to say much without any information, like what signal, wiring, code...

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    What if i use like 3.4V would that do any damage?

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    What if i use like 3.4V would that do any damage?
    Read this:

    If you want to waste your time or money and you want your project to be unreliably working or even not working at all, yes, then you should apply more than 3.3 Volts to Teensy 3.6 pins.

    As you already applied 5V to your T3.6, it is highly likely you already damaged at least part of the functionalities of the chip . . .

    If you want to be sure your hardware is not damaged, then you should NEVER apply more than 3.3 Volts to any pin of a Teensy 3.6 except the Vin pin . . .

    But I am quite sure you know that already, because you have already digested the most basic information on how to use the T3.6 in the PJRC page and on the pinout card that is delivered with the T3.6 which both clearly state NOT to apply more than 3.3 Volts . . .

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    There is some tolerance, about 10%. The chip can tolerate up to 3.6V. So 3.4 should be ok. But if your 3.4 has some tolerance too, make sure the worst cases still under 3.6.

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