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Thread: [queued] Bounce, responsiveRead and velocity for touchRead()

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    [queued] Bounce, responsiveRead and velocity for touchRead()

    I thought there should be something like the Bounce library for touchRead() inputs. So I adapted all those functions: risingEdge(), fallingEdge(), duration(), rebounce() etc. and added a few other features like the auto detection of the usable touchRead() range (as it varies depending on your setup and circumstances). There's also an option to make an input latchable.

    I thought there should be a simple way to get quieter variable input too. So I included the "TouchVariable" class for that. And I remembered someone asking about the possibility of velocity sensitivity using touchRead() and I haven't been able to let go of that idea. So there's a "TouchVelocity" class for that.

    See the video

    or the code.
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