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Thread: wiring DAC AD5360

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    wiring DAC AD5360

    Hello everyone,

    I intend to use a DAC AD5360 with my Teensy 3.6.

    However, I wonder about the connections.

    From the information I could find (datasheel / evaluation board / arduino library) the DAC should be connected as:

    SDO / SDI / SCLK / SYNC (cs) go to the teensy SPI port.

    LDAC / RESET / CLR go on digital pines

    Vref0 / Vref1 go to + 5V (in my case)

    SIGGND0 and 1 / AGND / DGND go to ground (Should we make a difference between DGND and AGND?)

    However, I still have MON-IN0 and 1, MON-OUT , TEMP-OUT , GPIO , BUSY , BIN2SCOMP , and EP .... Where to connect them? Should we connect them?

    all this is very distressing ... I like to be certain ...

    Sincerely Anoat

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    Specifics to the part might help. Is it this ~$50 SMD part :

    I don't see anyone offering a breakout to that - digikey did suggest an eval board

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    Assuming this is for the synth project you mentioned in other threads, and that you want to use it to produce CV signals, this part might be an (expensive) overkill. Might I suggest the MAX11300 as an alternative. There is a breakout available for $25 and it's same part used in this MIDI to CV eurorack module. Similar to the AD5360, you can supply the MAX11300 with +12V and -12V to get up to 20VPP output. There is an old Arduino library for the part as well, which will likely run without modification on the Teensy.

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    Indeed the DAC is for the synthesizer.

    The MAX11300 is very interesting! I did not know, so I inquired about it, however there are several problems with this IC, firstly it is a 12bits, the voltage of the DAC is limited to -5 / + 5v or 0 / + 10v.

    AD5360 can do -15v / + 15v, and it's a 16bits. I found an arduino library for this one.

    I admit that is terribly expensive ...

    All this makes me doubt ... 12bits is not much, but it can be enough, -5v / + 5v may be enough too ...

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    Ahh, I was mistaken about the possible output voltage. Indeed as you say +-5V or +-0-10V. In any case, as I said, this part is used in the Polyend Poly2 specifically for generating CV signals, (here is an image of the PCB). I own one, and can say it tracks just fine (at least to my ears), despite its 12 bit DAC. The user manual states that 8 of the outputs are "Factory Calibrated" (whatever that means) with an accuracy of 2.5-5mV, The other outputs they claim have 20mV accuracy. The accuracy you will get from the part is of course, dependent on a number of factors, many of which will affect the AD5360 as well. Having a breakout board allows you to get some actual measurements in the design stage. That also means fewer surprises when you get your PCBs populated and powered up for the first time.

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