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Thread: board_build.f_cpu = 72000000L

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    board_build.f_cpu = 72000000L

    Dear all,

    I have been using platformio with the Teensy for about a year now, and the -.ini file of all my projects included

    board_build.f_cpu = 72000000L

    (or other speeds that are available for the Teensy the project uses)
    I am sure i have copied that line from some manual when i started to use the 'platform'
    update: yes, got it from here.

    Since the previous update, this line creates the error:

    Error : This board doesn't support board_build.f_cpu = framework!

    Where does this come from? Where do i set the required cpu speed in the current situation, or what is the default if i don't set it ?

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