So for my college senior year design project I chose to make noise cancelling headphones(I bought off the shelf active noise cancelling headphones with hybrid system so 4 mics - 2 each side - 1 feed-forward outside the ear-cup and 1 feedback in side the ear-cup). I kept the mics in place but discarded the circuitry as I want to build my own. Initially went with pure analog design but didn't like the results.

Now, after some simulations between two STM32f103c blue-pill boards, one as mic emulator(noisy audio producer) and the other as a DSP emulator (matching delay, phase, and amplitude of Feed Forward Mic with the Feed Back Mic) and using some basic algorithms of a weight-mask convoluting with the Feed Forward data buffer in 'real time' to match the feedback buffer(in simulation I delayed the feedback from feed forward by 6 samples and amplitude *=0.42); Updating the weights each iteration trying to make the error zero.

The Meat:
Using the T4 as DSP.
I want to use 2x PCM1808s @48KHz and 24bits to record 4 channels - 2 per ADC (each ADC is recording 1 FF mic and 1 FB mic). Then do some basic processing on the captured samples and then replay 2 channel output @24bit 48KHz through the UDA1334A DAC by adafruit.
All of this preferably using the built in I2S HW.
I don't think the audio library is going to support this. All I need is some example showing me how to use the IS2 pins for input, setting the bits and ksps, working with the samples. Actually anything you guys think might be helpful is most appreciated.
Let me know if I am not being clear enough or anything else! First time posting in any forums.