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Thread: Storing audio files on external SD card in SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER

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    Storing audio files on external SD card in SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER

    Hello all, thanks you for your previous guidance. I am finally along the way on my audio project that consists of an hybrid of analog and digital synthesis. I have opted to retain the T4.0, however I ADDED A 3.6 TO USE AS A USB host/hub. I also intend to use an adafruit trellis as a sample based drum synthesizer. My newest question involves the storage and accessing of audio files generated from the aduio tool. to clarify, I will be using the aaudio tool for polyphonic synthesis using the T4.0. So pleaase I would like to know if it is posssible to use an external sd card from a single board computer to stroe the audio files generated from the Teensy. This is because I will be using Juce to make a sequencer based on audio samples readf from the SD card, so we would like to stroe the synthesized sounds on the SBC sd card, but I am stuck. Thank you

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    Kind of hard to parse your question, but if you trying to play .wav or .raw files with a Teensy, the answer is "yes, you can". See here for an example:

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