Hello guys,

I've a little problem here.
I'm quite lazy and I like to work with advanced IDEs like VS and all the stuffs that make my work easy.

I'm typically working with the following configuration:
- VS 2017 Pro (ver. 15.9.17)
- Arduino libraries (ver. 1.8.10 installed now)
- Visual Micro Add-on (ver. 1911.23.0)
- Teensyduino libraries (ver. 1.48)

Turning to Teensy 4.0 a project I already made for Teensy 3.6 that works very well, the Intellisense of Visual Studio completely breaks up, generating warnings like "The EMIT variable is not a type name" for all the typenames and keywords of the code.
Consider that:
- If I return to Teensy 3.6, the warnings disappear;
- Any project, even the most stupid (like empty setup() and loop()) generates the same error;
- I reinstalled everything;

I know that EMIT should be a compiler preprocessor keyword, but I really don't get what's the difference between a Teensy 3.6 and Teensy 4.0 project that generates this warning.
If someone has an advice to solve this problem, I would appreciate much.