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Thread: T962 reflow oven test

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    T962 reflow oven test

    Just tried this reflow oven (Happybuy Reflow Oven T962):
    No modifications, just removed the masking tape and replaced with this:
    While replacing the tape, I noticed that it actually doesn't hold anything. I think you can just remove the masking tape and not put anything instead. No smell at all after the removal.

    Put a test chip I had on a board, a little paste:
    Measured the temperature with this:
    There was some temperature difference, but I guess at the temperature this low, it didn't kill anything.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I put too much paste the first time, then wiped it off, but I guess some paste stayed on the board and made those balls, which I removed.
    And that's Teensy 4.0 breakout board, with plastic headers on it. Nothing happened to them - no deformation, no melting or anything. The chip is on the bottom side.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think it works. The pictures are not that good - lots of reflections which make it look messy, but it's actually quite clean.

    Next step will be next week, when I get my real boards and will try to surface-solder Teensy 4.0 to it - just pad-to-pad, no pins.
    I don't think this wave cycle will penetrate the "inner board" space.
    Will let you know.

    So far, I think this is magic.

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    I've used one and it worked. But with infrared, the concern is significantly uneven heating - for example, measure with two temperature probes at the same time, one small and black and the other somewhat heavier and silver metal.

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