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Thread: audio shield rev C and rev D TX and RX pins

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    audio shield rev C and rev D TX and RX pins

    On the web page ""
    the "signals to teensy " chart says Rev D DIN is 7 and on rev C is 22, also rev D DOUT is 8 and rev C is 13.

    On the schematics below it shows the chart it shows rev D TX is 8 and rev C TX is 22, rev D RX is 7 and rev C RX is 13.

    Which one is correct ? They show swapped pin assignments.

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    Pretty sure the Rev D schematic is wrong. Pin 7 & 8 should be swapped.

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    Bear in mind names like TX/RX or DIN/DOUT can be tricky as it depends on whether you are talking about the processor side (where TX/DOUT represent the output TO the device) or the device side (where RX/DIN represent the same connection that read the bits from the microprocessor).

    For example, I've hooked up a MakerHawk MAX98357A I2S converter digital to analog output. The MAX98357A has a pin it calls DIN. While the pinout for Teensy 4 says pin 7 is OUT1A. I.e. on a Teensy 4, pin 7 is the sound output, and pin 8 is the sound input. On the Teensy 3.x, pin 22 is the sound output and pin 13 is the sound input.

    This matches with Paul's beta test shield that maps the Teensy 4.0 sound pins to the revision B audio shield (i.e. pin 7 of the Teensy 4 goes to pin 22 of the audio shield, and pin 8 of the Teensy 4 goes to pin 13 of the audio shield).

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