I have an old precision voltage reference project that used an Arduino Nano + ILI9341 touch screen. Yeah its slooooow , and now I am porting this project over to the Teensy 3.2. No really big issues, except for one particular annoying difference between the Adafruit ILI9341 library implementation and the T3 one. Under the original code when doing something like this:

tft.print("A Bit Of Text"); 
tft.print("                ");
tft.print("Some Different Text");
Printing text over existing text blanked out the existing text and overwrote it as expected. However, using the T3 code, the character cell at a particular cursor location doesn't appear to be blanked out prior to writing the new character to the same location resulting in that particular position being garbled. I now have to do more esoteric things such as resorting to fillRect() using the display's current background color to erase any previously displayed text before issuing any subsequent tft.print()'s at the same location. Doing this is not the end of the world but is a real pain in the butt that I'd rather not have to resort to doing if I don't have to. Perhaps this behavior is there as a speed improvement? I don't know except I'd thought I would ask how you guys are handling this. I really, really, really don't want to use fillRect() for "DEL" or "Backspace" buttons on my touch keypad if there is a simpler way that I am missing.