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Thread: How to calibrate accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope?

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    How to calibrate accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope?

    I am using Teensy 3.6 and peripheral IC using which is FXOS8700CQ(6 axis linear integrated accelerometer with magnetometer) and FXAS21002(3 axis gyroscope).
    Library use which is NXPMotionSense from Paul Stoffregen. How to calibrate all these sensor? I tried with data which is given data for magnetometer from MotionCal.exe from PJRC.
    But still I am not getting the data(roll, pitch, yaw) stable. Can someone help me to solve this issue of how to calibrate all three sensor and how to get the stable data from the sensor?


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    Sorry I missed this earlier. MotionCal only calibrates the magnetometer and I believe when you run the examples sketches using the motionsense library it does do a quick calibration for the gyro but the accelerometers are not calibrated.

    Would recommend that you take a look at Kris Winer's code base for the propshield which uses those chips as well: You will have to go through it and remove the MPL3115 pressure sensor code. It has a nice way to do the calibration with motioncal.exe and does not use the Kalman Filter.

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