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Thread: [queued] Bounce, responsiveRead and velocity for touchRead()

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    [queued] Bounce, responsiveRead and velocity for touchRead()

    I thought there should be something like the Bounce library for touchRead() inputs. So I adapted all those functions: risingEdge(), fallingEdge(), duration(), rebounce() etc. and added a few other features like the auto detection of the usable touchRead() range (as it varies depending on your setup and circumstances). There's also an option to make an input latchable.

    I thought there should be a simple way to get quieter variable input too. So I included the "TouchVariable" class for that. And I remembered someone asking about the possibility of velocity sensitivity using touchRead() and I haven't been able to let go of that idea. So there's a "TouchVelocity" class for that.

    See the video

    or the code.
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    You've come to the rescue! Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

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    Great! I'm very glad to hear that. I'm still developing this so I'm interested in any feedback. If possible, please use the following thread instead of this one...

    (This thread was an accidental duplicate. Oops!)

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