I just finished my Electro-Mechanical (Electro-Acoustical Synthesizer)

Based on a Teensy 3.2 with a couple of ULN2003A and L293D, it controlls some Motors and Coils.
Two stepper motors that act as tonal (musicaly) actuators by running at the speed of the dedicatet tone.
Two DC-Motors which are Speed controlled to do some tonal or just noise effects.
Two analog servos, to adjust the strenght of the Strings or noise effect.
Two DC-Moving Coils to act as rhytmic elements.

All these can be controlled over USB Midi. So it can be played Live or by any DAW.

For more pictures or videos see here:

I would appreceate if you could post it in your Blog.

Thanks in advance and best greetings from Switzerland.

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