Hello PJRC!

I got a Teensy 4.0 and soldered on the audio shield, following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJcZxyB5rVc

Everything seemed fine, I plugged it in to my computer, the driver automatically was installed and the red light on the Teensy began flashing, running what I assumed was the default blinking program. I downloaded and was able to also program the fast blinking hex. When I tried to switch back to the original blinking program, nothing would happen.

Now, when I plug the Teensy in, my computer will recognize that the device is there, but the red light doesn't come on like it did before. When I press the button on the board, the red light comes and stays on and my computer will once again make the sound that a hardware device has been plugged in. The Teensy Loader application will recognize the board, and when I program the file, the file name will appear at the bottom of the Teensy Loader window. When I click either Reboot or Auto, it disconnects, the light turns off and nothing happens. If I click the button on the board again (not in Auto mode), it will reconnect and the red light stays on. IfI'm in auto, pressing the button will reconnect the Teensy by USB, bring up the Programming loading bar, show a message saying 'Reboot Ok', and on the board the red light will quickly turn much brighter before the board disconnects and the red light turns off.

Hope I provided ample detail, like the title says I'm a noob to all this stuff so any help is extra appreciated!

Will be happy to clarify any additional details.