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Thread: Teensy 4.0 usb-c breakout

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    Teensy 4.0 usb-c breakout

    It might be trivial but I'm missing something.
    I received the new teensy 4.0 this week and it seems great.
    Now, I'm trying to connect a usb-c breakout, so I could use the new type of cables. I'm using this kind of board- .
    I connected the D+ and D- on the breakout board to the relevant pads on the bottom of the teensy, ground to ground and VBUS on the breakout to Vin in the teensy.
    When I connect usb-c cable, the teensy gets its power but the laptop don't "see" it. Later, I disconnect the type-c and reconnect the laptop to teensy with the "normal" usb-micro connector and it was fine again (it appears in the laptop's ports list).
    So, I probably misconnect the breakout.
    Was I suppose to connect the breakout's VBUS to the teensy's VBUS and not to Vin? Is that matter? Am I suppose to connect anything else?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, but the USB pads on the bottom of Teensy 4.0 are for an additional USB host port, they aren't connected to the existing USB device port on the board used for connecting to the host computer.

    There aren't any connections broken out for the built-in programming/data port.

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    I see.

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