I was previously using a flight controller I had purchased off of amazon but for some reason (likely ESD) it no longer even connects to the computer and i cannot reflash it. I later learned that it is possible to use an arduino as the interface passthrough to connect to the signal wire of the esc to program it, only to discover I do not have a regular arduino board, but rather a teensy3.2 with a completely different microcontroller.

While the arduino database is updatable to add the teensy profiles to it, I have not found any information regarding adding it to the BLheli or BLHeli_32 suite to use it properly.

I am stuck on the make interface option, with only a few officially supported arduino boards and I don't want to fry or permanently destroy my teensy by flashing it with the wrong firmware. Has anyone else ever tried to do this yet? what would be the worst case scenario?

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