Here is support for the Logitech F310 Dual Gamepad using USBHost_t36 (The latest forked from @Pauls repository).
I do not usually play video games so just to be able to play around with USBHost_t36 and @Kurte's joystick driver I
bought a cheap USB joystick to play with.

Using Arduino 1.8,10 and TD 1.49b1 I was able to get it work in the XInput mode. If anybody alse has one of these
joysticks please try it out. There are a few things I have noticed with the driver that maybe @Kurte can check out.
With some wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse combos and using a 4 port hub (Belkin), I have to insert the wireless
keyboard/mouse wireless receiver into a USB hub port number lower than the USB joystick port number otherwise the
T4 or T36 will lockup. Not all of my Logitech keyboard/mouse combos do this Maybe it has to do with who's
claiming who. Not sure. Otherwise it seems to work well the joystick example programs.

Here is the link to my USBHost_t36 repository: