Hey all - I've got most of the gear together for an 8 strip play with leds and the octo adapter, sweet!

My first head scratcher question is ... each twisted pair is to be connected to an led strip (along with power of course) but ...

if the strips are not close together, how to run the twisted pairs? Since cat6 is shielded, and I guess that's the point, if you just strip it back and run the pairs to where they go that would defeat most of the point.

Does one pierce the jacket and pull a length of twisted pair back out of that hole then trim it back to appropriate length?

Really only seems to be those two options, not overly confident it will be easy to pull a threaded pair out of the length of a 20 foot length of cat6?

This is for a house christmas lights project (of course!) so, there will be opportunities to colocate strip ends near one another at say the corner of a window, but along the eaves, the data wires just have to run 16.5 feet *per* strip to get to the next strip.

It has probably been asked in another thread "how long is too long" for the signal to stretch from the Octo to the strip, but I'll ask that again here too :-)