I have a 5" Adafruit touch display, the Adafruit RA8875 driver board a Teensy 3.6 all connected. When I run an Adafruit example it looks great. When I try one of the Sumotoy library examples things get weird. It's a bit distorted like an old TV that's out of sync (those of you old enough recall scramble porn on HBO) sort of like that.

In my searches I ran across references to lowering the SPI speed. I tried that ( think I did it correctly ) but to no adavantage. The initial culprit is often the wiring and wire lengths but the fact the Adafruit library is fine leads me away from that for now (unless Sumotoy runs it higher). I tried various branches of their library with no difference.

I'm hoping somone might have ran into this and have some insights. Below is it running the Adafruit.

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This is the Sumotoy clock example.

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