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Thread: Qt for MCUs

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    Qt for MCUs

    There are a few users of Qt in this forum.

    They have just released a toolchain for MCU's, of which the Teensy4 Beta (i.MX RT1050) is supported.

    I can imagine if this ever became an option on the Teensy4 platform, with the multitude of LCD's and drivers, it would open up some new and exciting projects.

    I'm hoping to have a closer look over the break, but if anyone has any insight I'd be interested see everyone's thoughts.

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    Note the Teensy 4 as released uses the 1062 version of 1060. First beta unit before 1060 was public and in shipping mode was a the 1050 series 1052.

    Not sure if that would be included in the Qt support package. Even if so getting PJRC's Arduino/Cpp&C level of support likely a decent amount of effort.

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    Any idea how much memory it uses?

    If they used NXP's eval board, there's a good chance it depends on the large SDRAM chip NXP put on those boards.

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    I am a user of Qt with Arduino boards, now looking to "upgrade" to Teensy boards with their faster CPU speed and more I/O. Usually though I am running Qt on a PC or Raspberry Pi rather than the MC itself (I'm communicating with MC over serial port), so at the moment this toolchain would not be so useful to me. Anyway, while that is not really on topic, I thought I would say that out loud in case anyone wants to get in contact/chat.

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