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Thread: Question about Teensy 2.0 hex code

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    Question about Teensy 2.0 hex code

    Hi all! I am interested in using the Teensy 2.0 (and the pre-programmed chips) to develop a product I'm working on but am confused about the compatibility of the final compiled code with other 32u4 chips. I am tight on space and for the final PCB I would need to use the ATMEGA32U4-MU which is a 44VQFN package where the chips for sale are the ATMEGA32U4-AU in a 44TQFP package. Will the same code work across these variations of the chip? Likewise, what about the ATMEGA32U4RC-MU? My goal would be to use all the wonderful features of the Teensy and Teensyduino to get up and running quickly but then send the final hex code off to get pre-programmed chips that have the smaller form factor. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,
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