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Thread: MIDI filter / converter

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    MIDI filter / converter

    Hi, someone has asked me if I would be able to build them a simple midi device which reads input, and then sends output if certain notes/CCs are recognised.
    For example, he has a drum machine that sends midi out. He also has a light controller which has midi in and only recognises notes.
    He wants certain drum hits (not all hits) to trigger different light scenes. The problem is that if the light controller hears a note that isn't assigned to anything the whole thing will go dark. So it has to be only certain notes that get through.

    This seems like it would be a simple build with a teensy LC using 2 serial ports (1 in and the other out) and just writing a list of the input to listen for and programming a corresponding output command.

    Am I missing anything? Will it be more difficult than I imagine?

    Seems like a really simple build and sketch to me. Any tips or previous sketches that could get me going? Cheers

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    Nope. It should be just that simple. Try the InputFunctionsBasic example in the Arduino IDE. Edit those callback functions using 'if' or 'case' statements to handle only the messages you care about and have them sent to the light controller along with the Serial prints (or instead of them).
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