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Thread: Interval Timer on Teensy 4.0 not supported

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    Interval Timer on Teensy 4.0 not supported

    I was just looking on the PJRC website looking to use the IntervalTimer class on my Teensy 4 boards.

    Link here:

    The webpage, however, says, quote:

    "IntervalTimer is supported only on 32 bit boards: Teensy LC, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 & 3.6."

    Does this mean that the Teensy 4.0 is not supported?

    Maybe this is just a mistake in the website?

    I am not sure if the statement is correct or if the website just needs updating.

    Which is it?


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    I would also like to mention that the webpage linked below ALSO does not mention the Teensy 4.0

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    There are lots of the web pages that probably have not updated yet...

    With Teensy 4, I often first look at the beta thread:

    Looks like there may be a slight bug in IntervalTimer if you change priority of an interval timer if you have more than 2 of them it may not update correctly, but I doubt this happens very often...

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