Hi Guys, currently working on a joint hardware/software project. I ended up choosing the Teensy 3.6 due to some of its extraordinary features. I am having some difficulty understanding the Vusb and Vin exactly. I know they are essentially the same point if the track is left untouched, and if the track is cut, Vin can be used to power the microcontroller externally. However I would like to cut the track and make a simple switch where:

Question 1: If I cut the track between Vusb and Vin, can I put a SP3T switch so in Position 1, it connects Vusb and Vin (Powered by the microUSB), Position 2 is off(not connected) and Position 3 is connected to a battery (not directly but through a Linear Charger)? Please see the attached image for details.

Question 2: If this is possible, then I know the controller is limited to 250 mA but can Vusb supply more current? The orange arrow in the image indicates a connection to the charger. Would this be possible? Thanks in advance!

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