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Thread: [duplicate] Arduino Debug via Serial

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    [duplicate] Arduino Debug via Serial

    We have a created a Debugging tool compatible with the Teensyduino platform, for all Teensy boards, running over the Serial port. This is part of the Visual Studio development extension Visual Micro.

    This allows you to:
    • Step by Step execution using breakpoints
    • Performance Monitoring for execution time between breakpoints
    • Conditional breakpoints (based on data or hit count)
    • Variable monitoring with automatic min/max tracking
    • Change variables at runtime
    • Automatic Visual Pin monitoring
    • Easy to use Charting (for any data)

    Code Example (all features use standard breakpoints):

    Example of Charting Running, with data tracking and Min/Max data visible:

    Example of Performance Output:

    Video of Teensy Install + Basic Serial Debugging in Action

    Video of @Plot Charts with Serial Debugger (works the same on Teensy)

    @Plot Charting Further Info

    Visual Micro VS Extension Website
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