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Thread: Can the Teensy 3.2 or 4.0 use larger flash Winbond chips? (W25N01GVZEIG TR)

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    Can the Teensy 3.2 or 4.0 use larger flash Winbond chips? (W25N01GVZEIG TR)

    Hoping to do some audio and gps data logging with 500ms turn around replaying only the latest recording of the audio.
    Audio clips can range from a couple seconds to 5-ish minutes.
    My thoughts were to lay the recording in flash while waiting for SD card to be ready for single file transfer.
    Basically abuse the flash for recording, replaying, and transferring to higher capacity storage.
    Thoughts? Anyone know of potential pitfalls and/or errors in my logic (which is admittedly a wee bit rusty)?

    Preliminary inspection:
    Can do standard SPI - Check
    Power requirements - Check
    Speed requirements - Comparable to recommended audio board
    Form factor - Breakout board needed

    Here is the Digikey link:


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    I found a forum thread for some breakout boards being made and tested but that was back in 2014-2016 timeframe. Any news on the micron chip that was being evaluated?

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    Currently there is no software support for the NAND flash chips. Only the older, simpler NOR type are supported.

    Those chips are on my bucket list. I have 10 of them here, still in unopened in Digikey packaging. With so many other higher priority features in need of my attention, seems unlikely I'll use them any time soon.

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    Thank you Paul.
    So the best option for larger (1gig+ ) storage would likely be the SD card?
    From what I've read the USBhost is not quite ready for prime time with mass storage on the teensy 4.0. Is that correct?


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    USBHost thread has a decent usable library for Flash/HDD/SSD drive attachment and access.

    It seems that was updated to TeensyDuino release copy?

    Though that thread uses MSC and uSDFS libraries.
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