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Thread: [queued] TriantaduoWS2811, a 32-channel WS* library for Teensy 4.0 using FlexIO & DMA

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    A picture is more than a thousand words!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Made a new board, going to flexio2 those pins are closer. Going to test out if I get the software to work before ordering this PCB with assembly, because no way I can solder this by hand anymore....

    Hopefully this board will work do the job....

    Any comments on the design? I started 2 years ago with microcontrollers and electronics as a hobby and the first thing I did was explode my lights in the house, came a long way since then
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    Quick test program cycling a rainbow using FlexIO2 pin 8,9 and 10 and 1 or 2 DMA channels depending on the LED type (PL9823 or WS2811).
    I have not tested my new board design, but KiCad files are included.

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    PCB board was delivered from China today. I can confirm it working without any glitches for PL9823 leds 128 leds/channel all 32 channels. Not tested anything else, life gets in the way....

    Origional problem may have come from too long 100mhz trace, giving reflections?
    Using 2 boards with connection wire instead of single pcb -> grounding issues?
    74ahct959 datasheet states minimal 5.5ns for Pulse, so complete signal is minimal 11ns. Running at 102.4 MHz means 9.77ns so this is beyond datasheet, but pl9823 is slower. I noticed no problems with ws2812b, so there is some room in the 5.5ns....

    I orders 5 assembled boards from jlcpcb for 17 euros (I had a discount coupon for 8$) all caps, resistors, ldo, frittered and ahct595 were included in assembly.

    Get the pcb if you want and the code from my github.

    Can't believe there isn't any more interest in this, only 3 wires, cheap pcb with level shifter, ability to control thousands of leds..... at zero processor cycles. I think if you parallel the FlexIO to shift more than 1 bit, for example 4 bits, you can have 4x32 channels with no problem. I think 16x32 is the max for flexio2? So it's likely this can be scaled up beyond insane.... and there is also flexio1.. Flexio3 has no DMA so this is a bit useless...

    Since not many responses/interest i'll leave it at this.

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    I registered just make this comment.

    Just to let you know I am very interested! I think you have designed something very interesting. I've recently switched over to Teensy for some LED projects and this forum is absolutely one of the best I've encountered. I'm reading so much and trying to learn heaps at the moment and my list of bookmarks to return to and study in more detail grows by the day. This project is firmly on that list.

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work and it will I'm sure be useful to me in the future. 😁 Thank you.


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