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Thread: Teensyduino 1.49 Beta #5

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    The question seems clear.

    The functionality this user is concerned with is 4 posts above. It is USB audio for the Teensy 4, a model getting plenty of press in "maker circles" about its speed and capability, but little information about the fact that it is still a work in progress.

    Desiring a warning about work in progress regarding functionality common to the product family is not unreasonable. Being annoyed that a purchase was ... premature is not unreasonable.

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    Was USB-Audio advertised for T4? Or mentioned anywhere?
    Personally, I find other USB-features more interesting - like MTP - and would prefer that. But hey, that's a hobby and I can wait.
    I don't like the technique behind USB, or, more exact, I don't want to dig into that... Otherwise I would try to help or try to add it myself, but in this case... sorry, no
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    I'm talking about the audio over USB yes. Nothing was letting me know it wouldn't be there for months on Teensy 4.0 and in my project I am using it.
    I didn't expected the new version of Teensy to be backward on that because it wasn't advertised.
    So I guess I'll have to wait but I hope this will come back. It is just frustrating.

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    Yes, I know it's frustrating.

    In a perfect world, we would have implemented absolutely every feature from Teensy 3.x before releasing Teensy 4.0. The the reality is I'm not that good. PJRC isn't that good. And if you compare to pretty much every other product out there, almost nobody is. Even Raspberry Pi 4 still is features of Pi 3 like USB boot to be delivered in forthcoming firmware updates.

    Teensy 4.0 was in private development for well over a year, then a public beta test for about 8 months. We did get a pretty large portion of the feature list working during that time. Also during that time, there was a growing feedback from people watching the beta test that could be best described as "shut up and take my money".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We couldn't keep it in beta another year, not selling any and keeping *everyone* waiting without any access to the hardware. There had to come a point where the beta was cut off and we started to actually sell hardware.

    Since then, development has continued at a pretty good pace, as anyone can see from the long lists of changes and improvements on each version.

    Also yes, ideally we would have top-notch documentation with a huge feature list or matrix. We had a list during the beta test, but even then that list regularly fell behind. Maintaining that sort of documentation as things are rapidly changing is a lot of work. If I or others who wish to contribute put our time into that, it means hours not going into investigating and fixing bugs, porting libraries, and implementing missing features.

    And I am planning to put several solid days into documentation soon. But it's not going to be a moving-target feature list. So much documentation work is much more urgently needed. Near the top of my list is filling in the memory model stuff, which was about 80% written a couple months ago, but lacks examples and more specific usage info (because 1.49 was coming, with the FLASHMEM keyword).

    USB audio will happen. I know you wanted that, and it's disappointing we wrapped up 1.49 without it. But please try to understand there's only a limited number of hours in every day. Things can only improve at a certain rate, so time has to be prioritized. USB MIDI & HID, and Wire lib stability on troublesome chips, and the missing I2S features too priority.

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    I totally understand why everything is not there yet.

    A complete documentation would be great but also not necessary, only a quick note on those obvious things that where there before but are not back yet, or on the obvious things that just doesn't work yet would be enough.

    As a more obvious example, when I received the Teensys (back in november/december) the Midi over USB wasn't even there and that's a crucial part of what I'm doing and nothing was warning me on the site. Now it is back and as you said Audio over USB will be back too later.

    I'm not blaming you or anyone about the work, I know it is a lot of work. But a few notes advertising on the obvious missing things on the page of the site would be nice to order knowingly.

    Anyway I'm glad that it is coming back later.

    Keep up the good work

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    Fedora 30, Arduino 1.8.10, on Teensy 4.

    I'm doing some prep work to replace a Teensy LC which I've been using as a convenient tabletop IR remote for a video switch on my desk, with a T4, but I'm running into trouble getting IRsend to work on the T4. From what I can tell (in hardware/teensy/avr/libraries/IRremote/boarddefs.h), the transmit pin on the T4 is pin 7, so I hooked up my IR LED the same way I did with my working LC, except using pin 7, and it doesn't seem to be working. I tested the sketch below on two T4 boards to no avail. I'm wondering if anyone else could duplicate my results or point me to a problem with what I'm doing.

    Edit to say: I've confirmed the pin is working using other visible-light LEDs.

    #include <IRremote.h>
    IRsend irsend;
    void setup() {
      pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
    void loop() {
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
      Serial.println("Sending 'A1' signal to LED...");
      irsend.sendNEC(0x1FE48B7, 32);
      irsend.sendNEC(0xFFFFFFFF, 0);
      digitalWrite(13, LOW);

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