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Thread: SPI0 and SPI1/2

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    SPI0 and SPI1/2

    Forgive the potential daft question, but I'm trying to use two different SPI ports on a Teensy 4.0
    I have done some searching but can't see how to do this.
    I've got SPI0 working (default SPI port, great), but I'd like to use a second SPI port (TX only), I've soldered wires onto the underside of my teensy 4.0 for both SPI1 and SPI2.
    I'm not planning on using the SDCard.
    Is there a library that will allow me to do this?

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    Typically, instead of using SPI.<whatever>, you would use SPI1.<whatever> or SPI2.<whatever>.

    Now, whether the higher level libraries, support different SPI buses depends on the library.

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    Oh, thanks, that was min numbingly easy

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