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Thread: octoWS inside a class won't work

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    octoWS inside a class won't work

    Hey guys!
    I'm trying to generalize an API for some led projects using octoWS2811 library and I'm having some problems.
    I want to put the octoWS object inside a class so it will be easier to handle, but when I upload and run the code it does not seem to work.

    the class definition (BasicLed.h) :

    #include <Arduino.h>
    #include "OctoWS2811.h"
    #include "FastLED.h"
    #include "Defines.h"
    static DMAMEM int displayMemory[LEDSPERSTRIP*6];
    static int drawingMemory[LEDSPERSTRIP*6];
    static const int config = WS2811_GRB | WS2811_800kHz;
    class BasicLed{
    CRGB fastled[NUMOFPIX];
    // octo veriables
    OctoWS2811 octo = OctoWS2811(LEDSPERSTRIP, displayMemory, drawingMemory, config);
    void set_color (u16 index ,u32 color);
    void fast2octo();
    void show();
    static u32 rgb2word(u8 r, u8 g, u8 b);
    void clear();
    first of all for the display & drawing memory, if I dont define them as static I get a duplicate veriable error. I would really like to understand why, I dont declare them anywhere else in the code nor accept them as function inputs.
    2nd when I use the BasicLed class and try to light some leds nothing seems to work.

    Main.cpp code:

    #include "BasicLed.h"
    BasicLed led;
    void setup() {
    void loop() {
    ocotows.begin() is used in the constructor of the BasicLed class.

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Hi Stav,
    I think it would make sense if you added BasicLed.cpp as well.
    Do you get a compiler issue that the object are not declared? Or are you just not getting any output on the leds?

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    I have BasicLed.cpp ,the header file is just for declarations and had no compiler error.
    I just managed to solve the problem
    I moved octo.begin() from the constructor to a function so i will call it inside setup{} instead of calling it when i create the global object.

    Now I have a new problem with an inherited class of BasicLed that wont output anything on the leds...

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