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Thread: PT8215 cheap I2S D/A

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    PT8215 cheap I2S D/A

    (This is continuum to the closed thread:

    This is good find anyway. PT8211 nor PT8215 are I2S DAC's but relative, they use TDA1545 kind PCM format which is right justified.

    What makes this good it's current output DAC which makes it easy to convert the current to whatever voltage range just by changing the R1 and R2 resistors in the I/V converter circuit. So the Vout L and R will be good for use with modular synth applications, and they are probably quite cheap also. You will just need a proper dual PSU (+/- 12V like with Eurorack system) to power the opamps. If you use a VST plugin like Silent Way ( you don't even need to exactly calibrate the output levels, the software can so it assuming you have also input (that't the A/D) connected to your DAW. Unfortunately Teensy USB audio doesn't yet support multichannel I/O, though if the ADAT works it could be used instead, and there are chips (V1401 and V1402) which can do the ADAT conversion in hardware.

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    Regarding ADC, there is at least the Cirrus (Wolfson) WM8782 ADC which is quite inexpensive and easy to use chip:
    With 0.65mm pitch in 20 pin SSOP is it easy (almost) to solder. It doesn't require special I2C or SPI codec driver either, it uses hardware pins (tristate, meaning each pin can be low, high or floating to select from three options) to the the format, so it could be slaved to PT821x chips as well. It has excellent SNR (100 dB) and THD (-93 dB). Unfortunately it's got fixed HP filter which can't be switched off.

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