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Thread: Teensyduino 1.49 installer crashing

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    Teensyduino 1.49 installer crashing

    Teensyduino installer continually crashing on new install of arduino 1.8.10. Installer gets stuck @ mips-o32-linux.xml, will not force close. This is also now happening with the 1.49 beta version 2 I had prior to the release of this newest version if it's any different. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	18774 Any thoughts?

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    Any chance Windows Defender or other anti-virus software is interfering?

    I believe Windows 10 gives you a way in settings to temporarily pause Defender. The installer does not use any internet access, so it's ok to unplug from the internet while Defender is off and you're running the installer.

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    That was the issue it seems. Halted defender and everything worked fine. Thanks!

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    resolved ...

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