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Thread: Will Teensy 4.0 work with MSC Bascom software?

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    Will Teensy 4.0 work with MSC Bascom software?

    The 4.0 is new so it is not mentioned on the MSC website. I saw this software link in the Getting Started menu and it looks easy to use.
    Has anyone tried it with the 4.0 yet?


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    That should have been MCS (not MSC). Sorry.

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    That's really a question for MCS electronics. Best to ask on their forum.

    As far as I know, their software only works with the oldest AVR-based boards, Teensy 2.0 and Teensy++ 2.0. But please don't take that as the official answer.

    Ask MCS on their forum. Please do reply where with a link to the thread on MCS's forum, so anyone who later finds this question can find MCS's answer...

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    I have put this question to the MCS customer service department and will post their reply here.

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    Sorry for not replying sooner. MCS responded on Jan 20th. The software will not work on the 4.0.
    Here is their reply:

    Hi Deane

    No, i am sorry. This teensy board has a complete different CPU architecture.
    Best regards,

    MCS support

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