Initially posted this on the Audio Forum, but that's probably not the right spot. Apologies for the double post.

Stumbled across Gerrit's posts regarding custom midi controllers for various plugins in Reaper DAW. This is inspiring to me.

I've never heard of teensy until now. I have basic electronics skills (I've built some guitar pedals from kits), and intermediate programming skills (IT professional). I'm typically a quick learner of tech.

What I would like at minimum is a physical controller that can be used to control various plugins (brainworks SSL channel strip for example). Including (x number of buttons and knobs TBD), transport controls, etc).*

I love the screens Gerrit has incorporated, but perhaps a 1st project would not have any feedback from the software.*

I'm hoping to find some basic mentorship to get me started in terms of understanding the scope of what I want to achieve.. (time, effort, cost, etc) I'm sure the sky is the limit depending on how indepth i go.. what hardware is involved, Etc.

For now, I just really want some knobs and buttons to play with instead of the mouse and whats on the market doesnt suit.

Great forum here, I'll keep digging around but hoping to find someone who can shortcut my discovery.