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Thread: help reseting the phase of sine

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    help reseting the phase of sine

    hi there, posting for the first time so nice to meet you all!
    i have a question regarding reseting the phase of the sine object from the audio lib, im pretty much new to the teensy so i ask for your kind forgiveness if i ask obvious / stupied stuff ,
    im attempting to set the phase of sine to 0 upon midi note receive,

    whereas (sphase) is basically 0 which is sent to the object everytime midi note 60 is received

    this resides in a loop and the outcome is a saw wave because i assume that im doing something wrong and the phase resets everytime the loop is executed

    how could i "tell" the phase to reset to 0 momentarily when the midi note is received and proceed from there?

    thank you very much!

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    Hello, if you want to reset to the start (0 degrees phase) you'll probably need to modify the AudioSynthWaveformSine object (synth_sine.h and synth_sine.cpp) because I believe, setting phase(0) doesn't work like this. Have a look at the sync() function I wrote in a modified version of AudioSynthWaveformMod, it resets the phase_accumulator when the sync function is called, I use it to retrigger LFOs when they receive note on messages:

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    @UHF for some reason i cant see my other reply so thank you very much! just to make sure, i call it using "waveform1.sync();" when ever i want and it should restart the phase?

    thanks again!

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    Yes that's correct.

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    I had trouble with this also but lucky a helpful user pointed me to this thread.
    So it appears phase() doesn't work?

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