Hi all,

This is my first time posting here. Thanks for all the indirect help I got while reading some threads.

So I have been looking at setting up my Teensy 3.5 with the MTP library, so I can read and write files through windows 10.

- Teensy 3.5
- Teensyduino 1.49
- Arduino 1.8.10

I have followed some of the instructions in the github page from yoonghm: https://github.com/yoonghm/MTP, and I have been able to compile the MTP_blinky example and identify the SD card through windows, and read its contents. However, when I try to copy/move any file to/from it, the operation fails and the SD card behaves weirdly. Here is a screenshot of a sample file being moved to the card:
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Notice that the file size is 3.19GB! This happens with any file I move to the card, and if I try to open it, the operation fails. If I reboot Teensy, the SD card window pops up again, but the file is not there, meaning it hasn't really been moved in the first instance. I have explored the usb_desc.h and the board.txt files, but couldn't really find anything wrong with them.

Has anyone of you ever experienced this?

Thank you.