I tried searching the forums for Schematic Capture. All I found was a reference to some cloud based stuff. I don't want that.

I am looking for a simple and cheap (less than $500, $500 is still high, but I understand good stuff costs) version of Schematic Capture and PCB Design software. It will be for hobbyist work, but I would like it to be more capable than the free Eagle. I also dislike the licensing policies of Autodesk. I won't use Autocad either. CorelCad is my choice for mechanical drawing.

At work a PCB designer told me about PCB123. I will be trying that, but I don't know anything about that software. Not sure if it is cloud based or not yet. So that is one suggestion.
I have used Fritzing and it seemed nice, but I am not sure about the quality of the output. Have not played with it for a couple years though.

I don't think I need circuit simulation, but it would be a "nice to have".

I see a lot of schematics being shown in the forums. Am curious as to what you people use and why.