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Thread: Teensy 4.0 w/ Audio Shield and SSD1306 SPI

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    Teensy 4.0 w/ Audio Shield and SSD1306 SPI

    hey there,
    i am having trouble getting both these devices to run with my teensy at the same time.
    audio shield by itself works fine, OLED by itself works fine.

    i went through a ton of forum thread on SPI configurations but still failing.
    for test purposed i grabbed either the FFT or the peak meter project, injected the headers and setup from adafruit 1306 library. setup seems fine but as soon as i call a display.clear() the teensy just halts. most other display functions seem fine, ie. display.display() and display.drawPixel at least don't halt the teensy. but even if i draw some pixels this way and update the screen, i don't see anything.

    currently i am using these pins for the OLED:
    #define OLED_MOSI   11
    #define OLED_CLK   13
    #define OLED_DC    2
    #define OLED_CS    14
    #define OLED_RESET 5
    MOSI/CLK because of the audio shield SPI? i tried a bunch of different CS/DC combinations that were recommended in some threads, 20/21, 5/15 etc etc, always the same. all port config work fine when i use the OLED w/o the audio library.

    i went by this picture but yeah i can't get it to work. any recommendations? seems like this shouldd be a widely used combination of extensions?
    i don't think i need the SD card or the vol pins fwiw.

    edit. added pullup resistor on the OLED CS line, no improvement.

    edit2. its working like a charm using u8g2 instead of adafruit library. since i want fast scrolling & overall performance i'd love to switch to adafruit longterm though, so if anybody has ideaes i'd be very happy still
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    Hey @weasel, did you get this working with the adafruit library? I want to do something similar.

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