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Thread: Any experience with DecaDuino / DWM1000?

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    Any experience with DecaDuino / DWM1000?

    I was wondering whether you have any experience with DWM1000 and the DecaDuino library of Adriaen van den Bossche.
    On this forum I found a couple of questions on these topics, but no reports on successful projects.

    We want to build a small indoor kart track, featuring the electric Crazy Cart XL. Lap timing is one aspect, and we want to include Mario style game elements. So we think the DWM1000 can provide the location of a kart on the track real-time. In combination with sensors "someone is driving through a magic mushroom" we could identify the kart and award points.

    The DecaDuino library shows a DecaWiNo pcb with Teensy 3.2. I found a report on Github stating that the Teensy 3.6 works too. But the project seems to be abandoned by the owner. So: is it worthwhile to start working with?


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    In the meantime I received a message from Byungjun, who initiated one of the threads in this forum about DWM1000: "Yes, it works."

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