Hello all,

Im working on a Fitness room project, where my main inspiration was taken from Madrix 5 solutions, see example:

After a lot of research with my limited knowledge on this area, I ended up buyin 120meters of WS2812b 60pixels ( 7200 Pixels Total ) per meter strips, and about 7 5V 60A PSU's. ( I got extra strips and PSU's, in case I need to replacement )

I tried Jinx! with 5M(300pixels) length strips for testing and it worked great! I really like how you can program animations with Jinx!Scripts, but the problem is , it supports 480px width max, and even on 480px the app crashed a few times. Glediator works fine, but I don't like its animations,as it seems everything is designed for Matrixes, while I only need simple lines for each strip synced in a reasonable way similar to the video above.

There seems to be many options, and each to their own with their depth.

I tried PixeController( software from PixelInvaders ), which when I added too many pixels, it started to stutter the animations very badly, even if I limited it to 15-25FPS. Possibly there could be a fix, but I realized this app was also meant for high resolution animations, and I should try to find something with less strain, as I plan to run this from a Raspberry PI ( instead of PC, if possible ).

The Processing movie2serial code worked perfectly, and at one point I thought it will be easier to create videos of simple lines and in return they would animate the strips. I hope there's a better way other than using videos for such a simple task.

MIDI option seems appealing, although I still don't understand it very well, and not sure if it's applicable for my project. The idea to auto generate animations based on Audio input is what I need, but im not sure how hard that will be, code wise.

In short, i'd like to generate animations based on Audio input from my main Audio system, through a PC/Raspberry which should send signals to my Teensy. What would you guys suggest?

My current hardware:
WS2812B - 120M 60Pixels per meter
3x Teensy 3.2 + OctoWS2811 ( planned to use 2, and keep one spare )
10x Arduino UNO ( I had these at the very beginning, which I planned to use 1 Arduino per String, until I discovered Teensy! )
7 5V60A PSU

I have limits when buying extra components due to lack of electronics in my area, and would like to use what I have, as im very close to a deadline.

I hope this post doesn't look lackluster, as I have spent the last 3 months reading and testing different theories on this matter and I wanted to simplify the question for your convenience and be specific. If you need any additional info please let me know.

Thanks in advance!